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It's your game. Come play.

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Colonnade Group provides a full range of services related to sports event management. From building temporary seating and structures to pampering your VIP donors, if it is related to event management, we have the experience, the team, and the resources to get it done.


Our interactive events turn experiences into memories and fans into fanatics.


Bringing brands to consumers in unique, relevant, and memorable ways.


Seamless premium seating management that puts your sporting event center stage.


Design and installation of seating systems, hospitality structures, and staging.


Turnkey production of luxury experiences from pre-planning through execution.

Our Service Story

We're FANGINEERS™ specializing in sporting events and known for delivering quality experiences. We provide turnkey solutions to our clients in the areas of premium seating, hospitality, fan festivals, and general event management.

Our business has grown, and our services have evolved into five divisions, each one requiring specific expertise and staffing, so that collectively, our team can produce events of varying scales.

Our Service Strategy

Do the right thing.

We believe that there is always a right thing to do, even when it is not the easiest thing to do.

Go beyond the client’s expectations.

We aim to not only meet clients’ expectations but to exceed them. Our client’s reputation depends on us.

Treat everyone with the same level of respect and kindness.

We foster relationships with every team member, client contact, and vendor through absolute respect and kindness.

Act with complete honesty and integrity.

No amount of success, profit, or accolades is worth compromising our integrity. Our word is our most valuable asset.

Listen and understand the needs of others.

We listen more than we speak, because when we hear and clearly understand a need, we can respond effectively.

See what we're made of.

We rely on talented, motivated people committed to the success of our clients. Our clients know that we're part of their team.

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It’s your game. Come play.®

Connecting fans with the game, and sponsors to those
fans, through unique, high-energy, unforgettable game
day experiences.

Full Service Production of Interactive Fan Events

We create and execute unique, high-energy, unforgettable fan experiences.

Pre-planning and Goal-Setting

We consider every detail of your space, your audience, and your needs, and we map a course to get there.

Scheduling and On-site Program Management

We work closely with vendors, sponsors, and game day staff to ensure fan events are executed without a hitch.

On-site Staffing and Management

We train our very best people to put our client’s best face forward.

Post-event Recap with Reporting

We keep track of all the details, so we know what worked, and how we can improve.

Steadfast Budget Management

We know how crucial every dollar is to making sure the job is done right.

New Interactive, Social Media Concepts

In addition to social media integration, we use new technology to engage fans.

Branding and Creative Strategy for Event Decor

We make the most of your opportunity to showcase sponsors to better connect fans with brands.

Fulfillment Coordination with Media Partners

We handle the small details of planning and promotion so you can focus on the event.


Rewriting the playbook to enhance game day.

Creating custom-made solutions and strategies to address the most complex game day challenges.

Strategic Brand Planning

Experiential branding effectively connects brands with fans.

Creative Development

Our team of seasoned creatives becomes your in-house branding agency.

Audience Research

We define target audiences and develop strategies and creative that will best speak to the intended audience.

Graphic Design

From ticket stubs to the jumbotron, our designers get your message out there in style.

Interactive Brand Implementation

We have pioneered some of the most engaging fan interactives in the industry.

Memorable events that forge lasting connections.

We specialize in creating and executing unique, high-energy, and unforgettable fan experiences. Customized for every audience and designed for maximum exposure, we handle everything for you.

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Game day hospitality reimagined.

Elevating the premium seating experience at universities nationwide with a proven, comprehensive management system.

Logistics Planning

From pre-season planning to game day execution, we take care of everything.

Vendor Management

We make sure catering, facilities, custodial, and security are on top of their game.

Ambassador Recruitment and Training

We bring the best people to your team. They wear your jersey and represent you well.

Donor Communication

Whether it’s surveys, newsletters, or menus, we get the word out.

Off-Season Facility Use Operation

We never have an off-season, so we keep your facilities busy and well managed year-round.

Embedded Staff Support

You have a dedicated Colonnade employee on your team 365 days a year.

Where big ideas come to life.

From innovative ideas to graphic design, our creative team plans and executes programs for clients who want to bring their brands to consumers in unique, relevant, memorable ways.

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A permanent reputation in temporary structures.

Building the best seats in the house with temporary seating solutions, innovative staging techniques, and extensive
logistics management.

Temporary Seating

We are equipped with the hardware and the experience to expand your venue seating quickly and reliably.

Construction Management

We don’t just get the job done; we make sure you’re 100% confident in our work.

Temporary Tenting

We take care of the party outside the stadium as well.


Looking to make an impression? We’re always up for a challenge.

Site Logistics

We coordinate the movers, contractors, and facility management to execute projects promptly and efficently.

Site Support Staff

Our team of professionals handles every detail, from logistics to breakdown.

Take your premium seating to the next level.

Our method of premium seating management has been tested and proven at more than a dozen universities over more than 20 years. Our team of experts is always at the top of their game.

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Exceptional access.
 Ultimate experiences.

Crafting exclusive VIP hospitality experiences that offer exceptional access to the biggest events.

Game Day Villages

Here’s the secret to a fantastic game day: The pre-game party. Join us for our ultimate tailgates in the shadow of the stadium.

Championship Hospitality

The best party is the one you don’t have to plan. Let us handle all the details.

Corporate Hospitality

Whether it’s a gala for 5,000 people or an in-venue corporate area for sponsors, we’ve got you.

Custom Experience Creation

We put our game day expertise to work for you by developing and selling ticket packages and VIP experiences designed to satisfy even the most discerning fan. Visit ColonnadeVIP today to get going to the big game.

Design and Branding

Every event is different, and we create signage and branding especially for the occasion.

Custom Solutions

From VIP villages to field-side cabanas, Colonnade VIP excels at designing completely custom solutions to engage your fans and develop new sources of revenue.

A permanent reputation in temporary structures.

We have built our reputation on expert design and installation of temporary seating, staging, and structures. We are equipped to handle any project from the gates to the grandstands.

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White glove service, red carpet experience.

Whether you’re planning a gala for 5,000 people or an in-venue corporate area for sponsor engagement, Colonnade VIP provides turnkey production from pre-planning through execution.

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